Australia’s Hotel Quarantine is 14 days locked in a hotel room. Some hotels had balconies but mine didn’t, so no fresh air. Eye drops helped with the constant air conditioning. 

3 times a day there was a knock and a meal bag left outside the door. We had to wear a mask to open the door and wait a couple of minutes, so I never saw the delivery person. 

The food was actually very good, tasty healthy meals, plenty of vegetables, salads and fruits.

A valuable tip was to take my own cutlery, plate and sharp knife. I was grateful that I followed this suggestion as plating up the meals rather than eating from the carboard or plastic containers made a big difference. 

We had a daily phone call from a nurse, to check how we were doing, our physical and mental health. 

On Day 6 my daughter SE dropped off a parcel for me. She and the grandkids then waved to me from the street below my 11th floor window. Such a lovely surprise. I had kid art to brighten up my walls, plus other treats. Flowers from my husband. The days passed by.