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A highlight of November was Hobart’s “Open House” Weekend, when a number of private buildings are open to the public. We chose to visit this roof top terrace.

The building dates back to 1906 and is currently office space and a private apartment. Back in the 1930’s the roof terrace was a café. The entrance hall has a lovely ceiling and wood panelling.

We also visited the Royal Tennis Court, or Real Tennis Club. I have no idea of the rules except that the game is a cross between tennis and squash with the ball in play when it bounces off the walls or the roof of the viewing gallery.

We’ve had some hot sunny days, ideal for beach walks. We’ve had many wet days when we’ve headed out in between showers for local walks. We also had the coldest November day in 70 years with snow on the mountain again.

This is my contribution to Changing Seasons challenge, hosted by Ju-Lyn and Bushboys World.