2015 Challenge – 52 in 52

52 Things in 52 Weeks

2015 Challenge
✔✔  41 were completed
-}}  8 are Carried forward
✘ 3 were not completed

original list … in no particular order .. set at the beginning of the year

1 ~ Visit Gibraltar ✔✔
2 ~ Live in another country for 6 months minimum ✔✔
3 ~ Drive a left hand drive car on the right hand side of the road ✔✔
4 ~ Send a postcard every week for a year ✔✔
5 ~ Join “postcrossing” ✔✔
6 ~ Blog for a year ✔✔
7 ~ Drive along Australia’s Great Ocean Road -}}
8 ~ Visit Puddleduck Vineyard on a picnic day or duck race day ✔✔
9 ~ Live by the sea ✔✔
10 ~ Get a new job -}}
11 ~ Do some voluntary work ✔✔
12 ~ Visit Cradle Mountain National Park, Tasmania -}}
13 ~ Complete 365 Photo a Day ✔✔
14 ~ Make blueberry muffins ✔✔
15 ~ Make a driftwood Christmas tree ✔✔
16 ~ Complete “a sentence a day” journal ✔✔
17 ~ Learn the Southern night sky ✔✔
18 ~ See the Milky Way ✔✔
19 ~ See moon rise over the ocean ✔✔
20 ~ See moon set over the ocean -}}
21 ~ Bake my own bread ✔✔
22 ~ Skinny dip in the ocean -}}
23 ~ Go to a drive in movie -}}
24 ~ Participate in a protest ✔✔
25 ~ Go to an Aussie Rules match ✔✔
26 ~ Go to a rugby match ✔✔
27 ~ Paint a picture ✔✔
28 ~ Revisit MONA in Hobart ✔✔
29 ~ Get to a healthy BMI and maintain it -}}
30 ~ Visit Western Australia -}} 
31 ~ Send a message in a bottle ✔✔
32 ~ Observe a court case at The Old Bailey, London ✔✔
33 ~ Learn more photography techniques ✔✔
34 ~ Learn more photo editing techniques ✔✔
35 ~ Watch 10 movies that were made before I was born ✔✔
36 ~ Take a moonlit walk on a beach ✔✔
37 ~ Lie on my back in the rain and watch the drops fall ✔✔
38 ~ Draw a picture / message in the sand on a beach ✔✔
39 ~ Breakfast at the Duck and Waffle, Heron Tower in London ✘
40 ~ Dinner at Garagistes restaurant in Hobart ✘
41 ~ Hike on Mount Wellington, Hobart ✔✔
42 ~ Re-read my original gap year journals from 1985 ✔✔
43 ~ Reduce my alcohol intake, have alcohol free weekdays unless special occasion ✔✔
44 ~ Visit Penitentiary Chapel in Hobart ✔✔
45 ~ Regularly go to the local farmers market ✔✔
46 ~ Make banana bread with C~M ✔✔
47 ~ Complete London Underground Circle Line challenge – my own version ✔✔
48 ~ Expand my Twitter network ✘
49 ~ Expand my blog network and blogs I follow ✔✔
50 ~ Organise my jewelry and wear it more often ✔✔
51 ~ Sort out my wardrobe and be realistic ✔✔
52 ~ Take a selfie every week for a year ✔✔

14 thoughts on “2015 Challenge – 52 in 52”

  1. Just noticed you need to update your ticks!. Please make sure you find time for Cradle Mountain – it is so beautiful

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    • Oh and some things to look out for in the southern night sky. Look for Scorpius rising in the eastern sky in the evening; just to the left is Saturn. Scorpio is probably something you see in England, but it is a wonder. If you’ve got time time check my blog for Jupiter and Venus updates which you could be watching down there in the NW sky after sunset – cheers


      • I’m learning the southern sky and have been to Taroona Beach for some south facing dark skies. Scorpio is good, also Venus, jupiter and crescent moon these past few nights. I’m getting used to an “upside-down” Orion.

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    • I started 52 in 52 when still in the UK. Now I’m in Tas I could have 52 just for this little state. I will update the ticks this week.

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  2. At the beginning of this year, I started a *52 New Things* project. Only much later did I learn it was an actual *thing* and very popular among bloggers.

    I really enjoyed looking at your list and certainly gave me some great ideas on my own (skinny dipping in the ocean anyone?!)
    My approach was somewhat different. I didn’t start out with a preconceived list of things I wanted to do. As I had ideas, I added them to a list.

    Good luck with your list of 52. I’ve made a note of #4, 13, 16, & 52. I might need to ‘borrow’ them 😉

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    • Oh Joanne such a timely comment. I am just reviewing my list. Still several to go and a few I think will get deferred to next year but it has been a fun challenge. I’ll check out your blog now.


      • I’m in the same position of trying to decide how to manage the unfinished items at the end of the year.
        I think I might need to reframe them somehow for next year 🙂

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      • Love your blog so now a follower. I might use your “52 new things” for 2016. I want to continue the personal challenge but want to change it a bit from what I’ve down this year. I will have a few things that I carry over though. And twitter, I have decided not to pursue that. I follow some people but don’t want to post or promote blog on that medium. Seems we have a few things in common, including vegemite 🙂


      • I tried Twitter for a while and all but completely abandoned it. I fail to see the point of it. I guess it’s just not my medium.
        I have however started to get more comfortable with Instagram. I take many photos for my blog – most of which don’t end up on my blog. Some of these end up on Instagram.

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      • I will have to look at Instagram.

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      • If you do, look me up at blaze002 🙂

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  3. Hi Ruth, Glad you liked my ‘Wheels’. A nice idea this list of yours. About a year ago I joined Postcrossing too and enjoy it immensely. What about you? Marga

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