This was Me – August 2014

Why Blog?

My life is about to change. I am taking a year out from full time employment. My two daughters are in their early twenties and independent. It is an ideal opportunity to leave the UK, to travel for a while and live in my husband’s native Australia, to decide where we want to spend the next chapter of our lives, with elder daughter (S~E) settled in Sydney and younger daughter (C~M) staying in London.

I wrote a travel diary during my original gap year back in the 80’s. I have kept a private journal for twenty five years, from my first pregnancy, through childhoold, teens and empty nests. Ages, stages and new phases. It is good to look back, to remember the full spectrum, happy times, family dramas, childhood gems, holidays, celebrations, the small details of marriage and family life. To celebrate our achievements and share what we have learnt the hard way.

I haven’t yet worked out what niche my blog will occupy, but I’m looking forward to joining the blog community. I hope to share our travels and whereabouts as my Aussie Mate and I try out a different, slower and sometime nomadic lifestyle. I hope to share some mid life thoughts, some comments and observations from the past, as well as future plans and our journey through this exciting year.

Enjoy your day.


“Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans”
John Lennon.

20 thoughts on “This was Me – August 2014”

  1. We have some things in common- I’m finding that a blog is a wonderful way to explore- it leads to unexpected places. I to am not working full-time and so have time to explore possibilities. Enjoy the change, go where it leads! Let me know if you are in Australia- I’m an Australian. I’ll enjoy watching your experiences.


    • Hi Kate. It’s lovely to have time to explore blogs and take more photos. I’m enjoying several Aussie blogs, including yours, which is giving me a feel about different parts of your wonderful country. You will certainly hear when we finally get down under.


  2. Hi Ruth, I love your tagline! Thank you for choosing to follow one of my blogs ( – I really appreciate it!


  3. Hurray for you, this is wonderful — also bravo for your 2014 in 100 words! (You give me many reasons to be complimented by your decision to follow my own blog.)


  4. Hi — What a wonderful point in your life, and reason for a blog. I particularly like your 2014 in 100 words. (All the more reason for me to feel complimented by your decision to follow my blog.) With your attitude to life, I can pretty well guarantee you a stimulating & rewarding 2015.


  5. Change is always a challenge so I hope you enjoy your stay in Australia. You married one of us how could you go wrong. Michael


  6. Hi Ruth, thank you for following my blog. It warms my heart to read you’re coming to Australia. In anticipation – Welcome! 🙂


  7. Hello Ruth. Thank you for following my blog, I hope you get some enjoyment out of it and please join in with the comments, I have a very lively bunch of followers who regularly have something to say! I envy you being able to go and change your life and live in Australia – it was always my dream destination, but never happened due to one thing or another. I should have married an Aussie! My eldest son lives over there though (now in Perth, but previously in Sydney and Canberra) and I have two grandchildren over there (one aged 17 and one aged one) so I have been fortunate to visit several times and see a lot of the massive country. I shall drop in on you and see where you get to and how you take to life ‘Downunder’. I’m sure there will be lots of surprises (not least the language) in store for you to share with us.
    Welcome to the blogging world, and warning, it does become addictive 😀
    Jude xx


    • Jude, thanks for your warm welcome. I love the idea of your bench series and look forward to contributing. Australia is an amazing place. I first came here thirty years ago. Distant family is easier now with Skype and FaceTime. People don’t seem so far away. I have one daughter in Sydney and one in London. “Chat” again soon.

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  8. I enjoy reading your blog Thank you for your photographs and words. Ive just moved to sandy Bay so getting used to living in civilisation.

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  9. Blogging connects you to a wonderful community – a different breed! I’m sure blogging will be enriching experience for you! Happy Blogging!

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  10. Oh this is fun, to compare. August 2014 I moved from big city life to -as my kids call it – the middle of nowhere. It was a BIG adjustment, even bigger than changing countries (from Holland to the USA). It looks like you like blogging:)

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  11. Life… next chapters… I think you’re enjoying both! 😉

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