Bucket List – Done and dusted

My Bucket List – the completed side – things I’ve achieved, things I’m proud of, places I’ve been.

Updated 10th January 2018

Raised children
Owned a house
Owned pets (goldfish > parrot > dogs)
Financially independent
Worked full time
Charity supporter, sponsor kids, school reading, volunteer work
Moved to a different country, different hemisphere
Changed career after 30 years
Become a grandparent (not directly my achievement but such a joy)

Australia – all states and territories
Austria – Vienna
Belgium – Brussels, Bruges, Ypres, WWI and WW2 cemeteries and sites
Czech Republic – Prague
Denmark – Copenhagen, Aarhus, coast
France – Paris, Lille, Disneyland
Germany – Berlin, Frankfurt
Greece – Zante, Olympus
Hong Kong
India – Chennai, Delhi, Taj Mahal
Ireland – Dublin, Cork, Galway, Cliffs of Moher
Italy – Venice, Florence, Sienna, Pisa, Rome, Naples, Vesuvius
Malaysia – Kuala Lumpur
Netherlands – Amsterdam, Maastricht
New Zealand – both islands
Spain – Barcelona, Bilbao, San Sebastian
Sweden – Stockholm
UK – England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland
USA – New York

Awesome natural places
Giant’s Causeway
Great Barrier Reef
The Pinnacles

Chelsea Flower Show
Cirque du Soleil show
Concerts at London O2
Concerts at Royal Albert Hall
Driven UK to France
Driven in Europe, right hand drive car
Experienced lunar eclipses
Experienced a partial solar eclipse
Flown first class
Flown in a glider
Flown in a helicopter
Got a tattoo, designed 2nd tattoo
Had a drink in an ice bar
IMAX movies
Kept a journal since 1990
Kept a travel journal in 1985 gap year
London art galleries
London theatres
Louvre, Paris
Maastricht Carnival
Motor cycle grand prix
Paralympic Games 2012
Piloted a light aircraft
Studied something new
Traced my family tree
UK Football match

Aussie Big Bash Cricket match
Aussie Rules match
Aussie Rugby League match
Complete a photography course
Concert at Sydney Opera House
Driven an electric car
Explored Tasmania
Rooftop cinema
Held a koala, fed kangaroos
Participated in a protest
Posted consecutive “Photo a Day” for two years
Recorded a “Sentence a Day” for five years
Seen Aurora Australis – Southern Lights
Seen dolphins and whales in ocean
Seen echidnas, koalas, possums and wombats in the wild
Seen penguins walking home to their nests
Skinny dipped in the ocean
Snorkeled at Great Barrier Reef
Touched a snake

2 thoughts on “Bucket List – Done and dusted”

  1. That’s quite a list! There are a few clues there for me 🙂


  2. Great list, keep the journey going!

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