Art Farm



We recently visited the Art Farm at Birchs Bay, Tasmania. We had a delightful walk through gardens and bush land.

We met unusual people.MENF3345VOCY2623

We sat on distinctive benches, walked through artistic gates.MFXR8842FZLB4675VDCM5935GHIG5933

And admired many of the pieces, wondered about a few.


We followed a variety of arrows along the Sculpture Trail.

For local Tassie readers, it is well worth a visit.

Z is for … Zen



Calm, peace, balance.

I’ve admired the art of rock balancing for a while.IMG_7569

Recently someone placed one rock on each of the fence posts along our local beach.IMG_7020

I added to it and replaced missing rocks and have now started balancing, just a few.MZRQ2912-2IMG_7550IMG_9101

Z is also for the end of the alphabet challenge. It’s been fun and I’ve enjoyed meeting new bloggers. Thanks for stopping by, thanks for the likes and encouraging, insightful comments, and the joyful conversations. Happy Sunday everyone 🙂

X is for … the EX Tree



This isn’t the post I had planned for X but today, two beautiful gum trees across the road from my office window, were cut down.

The block of land has been empty for months. Yesterday, workmen arrived and pulled down buildings and fences.IMG_6290

This morning, a guy walked over with a chain saw and in minutes, this was the result.IMG_9866IMG_9870 (1)IMG_9871IMG_9872

So today, “X is for cut” and for these ex trees, that will no longer be in the view from my desk.IMG_6114