L is for … leaves



I was planning for today’s post to be about lighthouses, even had photos ready to upload.

But I went for a beach walk this morning, in the sunshine. A perfect way to start the four day Easter weekend. I noticed the autumn leaves.IMG_9113

Even though it is two years since we moved to Tasmania, my “northern hemisphere brain” still makes subconscious connections, so for me, Easter is Spring, daffodils, new shoots on the trees.

Although my head knows the seasons are opposite, sometimes I am consciously taken aback by that fact. Just like this morning.

Here are photos from my walk.


And of course, some gum leaves.IMG_4962


K is for … kangaroo



The kangaroo is an amazing and intriguing animal.QWWE1323-2

Here are a few facts:
• They can’t move backwards.
• They can jump up to three times their own height.
• On land kangaroos can’t move their hind legs independently, only together. But when they are swimming (they are good swimmers) they kick each leg independently.
• They are social animals who live and travel in organised groups (a “mob”) dominated by the largest male. There is generally at least 3 or 4 individuals in a mob and some groups, when conditions are good, can comprise of as many as 100 individuals.
• They have excellent hearing, and like some other animals they can move their ears in different directions without moving the rest of their head.
• A female kangaroo can have three babies at the same time: an older joey living outside the pouch but still drinking milk, a young one in the pouch attached to a teat, and an embryo awaiting birth.
• No matter where you go in Australia, there will be at least one species of kangaroo that lives in and is adapted to that area.

They are cute up close, curious creatures. kangaroo 1Kangaroo 4

The joey’s still want to get in the mothers pouch, even when they are too big, and their legs hang out.OQJI1092URAZ7099
They have amazing eye lashes.WJLH4686


H is for … Happy




Tomorrow I will complete the #100happydays challenge.

I have been posting a photo every day, showing something that has made me happy. In todays fast paced world, it has been good to think about the little things that have made me smile, created a positive mood. A photographic version of a gratitude diary.

As you can see from these collages, my “happy pic” has been anything from a pretty flower, blue skies, a theatre show, time with family and friends, days out, noticing the change of season, anticipation, a good book, wildlife, out in nature, a gift, a movie, music, a walk on the beach, a new experience, memories, good news to share. It’s been fun.

Can you be happy for 100 days in a row? Give it a go! Check out the website #100happydays.

2017 012017 022017 03IMG_9026


AtoZ Challenge

G is for … Greenwich



Greenwich, London is one of my favourite places. The home of the Greenwich Meridian, where east meets west and the home of GMT Greenwich Mean Time.

A place of maritime history, classic buildings, The Old Royal Naval College, a delightful park, a Victorian foot tunnel under the River Thames and The Royal Observatory on the hill.L greenwich 1IMG_8510IMG_8508IMG_3210

Greenwich is also the home of the Cutty Sark, a sailing ship of the Victorian era, one of the fastest “tea clippers” that brought tea back from China, until the Suez Canal opened in 1869 and steamships too over the route.

The Cutty Sark moved to a different cargo and was the fastest ship in the wool trade for ten years in the 1880’s sailing from Australia to Britain in a record 73 days.

Now, the restored Cutty Sark has pride of place on a stunning steel and glass dry dock, where you can tour the ship and walk underneath the hull.IMG_8481IMG_8489Under 2

A2Z Blog Challenge

F is for … Fourth Plinth


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Trafalgar Square was opened in central London in 1844 as a grand public area. Nelson’s Column is the centrepiece, with fountains, lions and a plinth in each corner.

The Fourth Plinth remained empty for over 150 years. This century, it has been temporary home to a variety of sculptures, statues, art pieces. Here are some of my favourites.