Changing Seasons – October


It’s been a month of all seasons, here in Hobart.

Rainbows, blue skies, white fluffy clouds.

Days when nature turned to monochrome.

Hot sunny beach days.

Lots of rainy days, storms from the south which noticibly eroded our beaches.

Cold days when we woke to views of snow on the mountain.

And stunning sunsets. This photo is straight from my iPhone, no filter, no cropping. This gives the true picture of the view from our deck.

I’m linking this post to a couple of challenges … Becky’s October Squares … Changing Seasons hosted by Ju-Lyn at Touring my Backyard and Brian at Bushboys World.

October Squares – Circles & Squares


This is Hobart’s Salamanca Place, seen through a figure 8 on a sculpture trail. On Saturday’s Salamanca Market fills this space. An outdoor market with hundreds of stalls representing local crafts, designer, artisans and produce.

The sculpture 1833 marks the year when these sandstone warehouses were built on Hobart’s “new wharf”.

This is my contribution to Becky’s October Squares under the “circles and squares” theme.

October Squares – Perspectives



A delightful beach day today as it was a public holiday here. Blue skies, sunshine, warm weather …..

…..And the essentials for a visit to the beach (Tasmania October 2021). Face masks are mandatory outside of our homes. So yes, people were walking on the beach wearing one. Hopeful this restriction will stop tomorrow (fingers crossed).

I’m linking this post to Becky’s October Squares for the theme “perspectives” and “blue”.

Face Masks


Here in Hobart, we have to wear face masks for the first time. 

We’ve been in a snap 3 day lockdown over the weekend. Tasmanian has been covid free since June last year, with no cases in the community. 

Recent risk of transmission from a positive case in hotel quarantine resulted in this lockdown. As there have been no new cases, restrictions eased this evening. Except for mask wearing.

The weekend “stay at home” order allowed exercise within 5 km of home. I’m fortunate that this coastal path is just 200 steps from our front door. 

Do you wear a face mask when you leave your home?