A different view of Hobart


I’ve posted lots of photos of this city, but earlier this month we had a bird’s eye view from the top of the tallest building in Tasmania.

We visited the revolving restaurant, seventeen floors above the city, so it was interesting to get a different view of the river, marinas, a visiting cruise ship, of Mount Wellington.IMG_E9983IMG_9986IMG_0014IMG_9991

Also views of our apartment block, from above. We look out towards the casino, from our lounge and balcony. I walk past the casino on my way into the city.IMG_E9997


Our timing was ideal, as day turned to dusk. As the light faded outside, night lights appeared and reflections increased. The meal was delicious with some throw-back touches to the 1970’s and 80’s. Steak cooked at the table, followed by a flamboyant Crepe Suzette.

Wrest Point Hotel Casino, Australia’s first legal casino, opened on 10 February 1973. The 73-meter-tall, dodecagonal hotel tower, with a revolving restaurant, was designed by Sir Roy Grounds. It is a landmark that is nationally identified with Hobart. The complex has expanded over the years now including several restaurants, boardwalk, conference center that hosts art exhibitions, live music, comedy, dances. It’s a popular place for locals and tourists.

Variations on a Theme

Sandy Bay Regatta



“Sandy Bay Regatta is one of the longest running regattas in the world, having commenced in 1849. Like many regattas, it came from working sea-farers testing their skills against their mates. Sports like sailing and rowing became the main draw-cards for the public.”

Nowadays, it is a major Australia Day celebration in Hobart. As well as hosting the city’s Citizenship Ceremony, the regatta is a mix of activities on the water, the beach and the grass.

We had a fun day watching tug of war, dragon boats races, boot throwing competition, kayak races, sailing, kids surf life-saving club activities, paddle boarding and a wind surf dash.

Water polo was a new addition to the programme this year and proved to be very popular.

There was an array of food vans, live music, kid’s games. A fun day for all the family. The endless variety of a regatta.

Happy Australia Day!IMG_0870IMG_0734IMG_0774IMG_0831IMG_0791IMG_0796IMG_0743-2IMG_0803IMG_0813IMG_0868IMG_0854IMG_0865IMG_0871

Variations on a Theme

Weekly Photo Challenge – Variations on a theme – Poppy



IMG_0430We have a ceramic poppy that sits beside our herb box, on our balcony, in Hobart.

Four years ago, our poppy was one of thousands, planted at The Tower of London, as part of the centenary commemorations of the First World War.IMG_0841A

I was fortunate to see the display at The Tower, on several occasions, as I worked nearby and often strolled to the Tower during my lunch breaks.

Our poppy had several resting places, in our home in the UK, then spent a couple of years in its box. It joined us in Australia last month and is part of our home again.Poppy Collage

There is a website, “Where are the poppies now?” which aims “to reunite digitally the 888,246 ceramic poppies from artist Paul Cummins and designer Tom Piper’s 2014 installation, Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Red originally staged by Historic Royal Palaces at HM Tower of London in 2014.” Each poppy represented a British or Commonwealth military fatality during the war.

I “planted” our poppy on the website today, adding to the 30,000 others that have been registered. Ours is one of eight in Tasmania.


Variations on a Theme

MONA FOMA – Festival of Music and Art


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I’ve written previously about Hobart’s MONA – Museum of Old and New Art.

Each year they hold a Festival of Music and Art – FOMA.

We went to the festival on Saturday, a full day of music on various stages, both outdoors and within the museum galleries. Musicians are invited from across the globe. We listened to a cellist from Baghdad, a Patagonian folk trio, a Sudanese singer, a classical pianist from Ukraine, soul singer from USA, Tasmanian choirs and jazz orchestra.IMG_0509IMG_0478IMG_0531IMG_0516

It is intriguing when you don’t know the musicians or their music. The festival is always an eclectic mix of sounds, creativity, people, in such a great space.

The museum has recently expanded with a new wing, new art installations, new walkways and a new tapas bar and lounge.IMG_0500IMG_0497IMG_0502IMG_0495IMG_0489IMG_0526

MONA is one of Hobart’s special places.

Pink hammocks



Yesterday we participated in this intriguing interactive art installation, that is part of Hobart’s MONA FOMA weekend. (Museum of Old and New Art, Festival of Music and Art.)IMG_0555

We relaxed in these cocoon like hammocks, with sensors that picked up our heartbeat. The gentle sway was quite hypnotic and totally relaxing. The heartbeats formed an audio background but felt internal, somehow adding to a sense of silence and peace.


Sentences and pixels


IMG_0327I have just started my third, 3 year “sentence a day” book. This is my 7th year of recording a sentence or two about each day.

One book is titled “The highlight of my day” which more accurately reflects what I write.
I don’t follow the prompts for each day. Sometimes I write about what I’ve done, where I’ve been, what I’ve seen or read. Sometimes I mention world news, but not often. Sometimes it is just an ordinary day.

I enjoy looking back. On this date on previous years, we’ve been tourists in London, we went to an ice sculpture exhibition, we spent the day at The Old Bailey, observing cases in the law courts. We visited a Music and Arts festival, and after a day at work, I searched for a mural that I’d heard about. Back in 2012, I commented on the global financial crisis, which was relevant to my job at the time.

A new idea that my daughter shared is “my year in pixels”. I’m recording a colour for each day in excel, while she has coloured pens and is recording in her diary planner. We will look back on each month, on the overall trend, within the context of our current life, her as a new stay at home mum with a teething baby, me currently enjoying a period of summer non-employment and daily beach walks.IMG_0329

18 things for 2018


My focus this year is about heath, wellbeing and happiness.

I began with “7 things” idea from dayzeroproject.com
Learn to … a new skill or hobby?
Start … develop a habit
Stop … break a habit
Take a holiday to … where you’d most like to go
Find … what are you looking for?
Try … one new thing you want to try
Be more … a personal characteristic to improve

However, I struggled to choose just one for each task so I have selected 18 things.

Learn to …
~ relax
~ take charge of my own happiness
~ become ambidextrous
Start …
~ moving, being more active
~ eating smaller portion sizes
~ eating mindfully
Stop …
~ making excuses about my health and weight
~ making unhealthy food and drink choices
~ overthinking
Take a holiday to …
~ New Zealand
~ Tasmania’s Maria Island
Find …
~ A job that I enjoy which has good work/life balance
~ Inspiring and positive things to read, blogs, books, articles
Try …
~ something new each month to improve my wellbeing
~ floatation tank
Be more …
~ health conscious
~ creative
~ accepting of myself and others

I also want to continue 18 things …
~ connecting with nature each week
~ maintaining strong relationships with family and friends, near and far
~ being the best NanR that I can be
~ taking photos
~ blogging
~ sentence a day
~ photo a day and other weekly photo challenges
~ exploring Tasmania
~ developing new friendships
~ challenging myself
~ paying it forward
~ decorating our driftwood tree
~ trying new things
~ supporting local events
~ enjoying Hobart life
~ walking on the beach regularly
~ knitting and crochet
~ being happy with my life and my choices